Bull Sale

How are Triple A Hereford Sale Bulls Managed?

We strongly stand behind every bull we sell!

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Thank you to our friends and customers for supporting our program and our family. Words cannot express our gratitude. Every bull is semen tested and 100% guaranteed on feet, legs and to breed. Bulls are delivered free of charge to central points in Western Canada and to the US point of entry.

We hand select 32 top quality two yr old bulls and 10 yearling bulls for the sale! They aren’t left over bulls that passed as yearlings. The quality of these bulls is second to none.

None of the sale bulls’ feet are trimmed. That’s the advantage of selling two yr old bulls – if there are any feet concerns, we cull them out before they ever hit the sale. If they aren’t good enough footed, we don’t sell them!

We develop our two year old bulls on native grass. As yearlings, they are fed a maintenance oat/hay/silage ration which gives them a gain of 2 lbs/day. In May we turn the long yearlings out on native grass which allows them to grow and develop nicely. We don’t feed any grain to them until the end of October, depending on how they look and how much grass is available to them. Most years we bring them home mid November, first of December, where they are placed on a oat/hay/silage ration. The bulls are in nice condition and in their working clothes.
We also offer 10 yearling bulls in the sale to increase our sale numbers and we have a few customers that prefer yearling bulls. They are fed the same ration as the two yr olds but at a lower rate, of course.